INP Packaging has a vision to

Creating packages that increase the value of customer's products... by always take our responsibility to be at the forefront of developing new technologies, ideas and materials.

Inaoura-Pac AB (INP AB) was created in 2003 by the owner Christoffer Bergman. From the start were mainly imported food packaging from around the world but with the largest share from Europe. We import packaging, plastic packaging, food packaging, vacuum-formed packaging. 2006 started Trade & Tooling AB and was a purely utility companies to develop new molds for bakery packaging and food packaging. ToT bought in 2008 a production a KIEFEL machine from Germany and started the production of food packaging. ToT in 2015 changed its name to INP Packaging AB and is today owned by Christoffer Bergman and Daniel Vogel.

Our valuations

Our valuations are constant – not the company

By having clear valuations, we can better distribute responsibilities and simplify everyone's decision. It’s every employee's responsibility to work for the company's valuations.

Professionalism - To each project we perform it provided us. To always keep our promises, by far. That with seriousness and passion to solve our customers' problems. Always seek the latest in development / technology in the areas our customers meet their challenges. Professionalism is as important to us internally within the INP; how we treat each other and how we develop ourselves and the company.

Entrepreneurial spirit - We dare to challenge. We are focused entrepreneurial souls with the desire and the ability to develop good ideas into good business. We see opportunities when the world is changing and never stagnate in old patterns or practices. Like our customers, we need to constantly evolve, creating new, mind free and dare to do so.

Balance - Our Philosophy "Business Wellness" has evolved from the concept right balance. For us it's about finding a balance around a number of key factors - professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, people and businesses, work and leisure. A company and a human balance has the power and the courage to change and to dare to evolve.

Declaration of Compliance

Quality policy

  • INP Packaging should always seek for customer satisfaction. Our processes must be characterized by right quality, delivery and safe products to food safety
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Deliver products and services to the customer expected quality.
  • Comply with zero faults and work on continuous improvement.
  • Have high customer satisfaction and follow up with the help of continuous quality measurements.

Briefly, we will

  • Strive for zero defects
  • Make it right from start
  • Delivering the right quality at all levels
  • Work with continuous improvements
  • Manage complaints rapidly and effectively
  • Having knowledgeable staff and leader